Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Green Kids Blog!

Hi everyone, and welcome to the new Green Kids Blog! I hope to be able to post here regularly to let everyone know what is happening at Green Kids, so make sure you join up to follow the blog :-)

A bit about Green Kids... Green Kids began in 2004 when my sister in law, Ruth, and I designed a range of easy to use modern cloth nappies for our own bubs (we were due to have our babies 1 week apart!). We were both very environmentally aware people, having studied environmental science (me) and marine science (Ruth) at uni, and hated the idea of using disposables, and sending so much waste to landfill. We had tried unsuccessfully to use traditional cloth nappies with our previous children, and were determined to come up with a better way. A way that was not only easier for us, but also better for our babies. We are pretty happy with the nappies we designed, which we believe have achieved all these things, along with benefiting the environment, saving us heaps of money and even making nappy changing fun! You don't believe me? Try them and see! (Hmmm, which nappies should I choose today?...)

Green Kids modern cloth nappies are really easy to use, with no soaking, bleaching, pins of separate covers. You just place the absorbent insert inside the nappy and it is ready to use! As easy to put on as a disposable. After use, simply pop the nappy into a dry bucket, and every 2 days throw them into the machine, and voila, as simple as that! The inner layer of the nappies are made from a stay dry material which will keep your baby feeling dry even when the nappy is full, ensuring your baby is always dry and comfortable. PLUS... they come in a fun range of colours and prints which makes it all a bit more fun :-)